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EDIT 12/7/2015: Yeah, sorry guys, I am calling this DA officially defunct.  The UI has gotten pretty painful for us to use.  You can still follow us here, but updates will be highly sporadic at best.  Sorry!

Hey guys!  For a while now, we've mostly been using DA for art storage.  We aren't too active on here anymore.  Here are our other web hangouts, where you can get more stuff!

Our Livejournal/Dreamwidth contain the exact same material, mostly prose stories and personal posts. is our site for our comics and zines and multi 101.

Our Patreon is for completionists who want all our stuff in one place.  There, patrons get to see a lot of bonus material.

Oh, and there's tumblr.  I hate using it.  I honestly hope to kinda phase it out with Patreon.  It just has random stuff on it.
First of all: the writeathon is OPEN!  The topic is foolishness.

For centuries, April Fool's Day has been a celebration of pranks, mischief, and humor. While pranks and mockery are sometimes used to bully the weak into submission, they have also been used to cut down tyrants, taking the great and terrible into the small and pathetic. Even gods can be rendered human through the power of comedy.

And then you have the divine fool, symbolized by the court jester, where apparent foolishness conceals deep wisdom. "Out of the mouths of babes," as they say.

What part of foolishness fascinates YOU? The benevolent type, the malicious kind, sheer absurdity? Whatever you prefer, that is our theme for today!

This writeathon will be taking prompts until Saturday, April 6th! Make sure you get your prompt in to me in time, so I can write you stuff!

Second of all, I will be at SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) at Columbus, OH on April 14th-15th!  If you're in the area and are interested in our comics, come check us out!  I will be debuting Cracks of Sunshine, vol. 2!
EDIT: the writeathon is OPEN!  Come join the fun, guys!  You don't need money to participate in this.

Hi guys!  Not only do I draw, but I write, and tomorrow, my next writeathon opens with the topic of The Shadow!

We humans are fascinated by the concept of the shadow, the things we hide from others or have hidden from us.  What lurks in those dark parts of our inner and outer landscapes?  Reverend Alpert's entire universe runs on shadow issues run amok; Persona 4 has shadows manifest as literal violent monsters.

Be it inner monsters or hidden treasures, I want YOUR prompts about those things that we keep concealed even from ourselves.  Stay tuned, my friends!  The writeathon will open on February 1st, and I will be taking prompts until February 5th!

You can learn about the writeathons and how they work by checking out the rules, and reading stories from writeathons past.  The basic premise is: you tell me to write a story.  Any kind of story, any genre (though fanfiction requires you check with me to make sure I know the fandom), as long as it's relevant to the topic. (In this case, the shadow.) It doesn't matter how literal or how absurd you take the topic; I encourage creative thinking!

You prompt stories, and then I write them and come back to you, saying what I've written, plus a price, around $30.  Once the story is sponsored--and it doesn't have to be by you, I have people who sponsor but never prompt, and vice versa--I upload the story for everyone to see and enjoy.  Also, you can win free writing and bonus sketches.

Hope to see you there!

Got tagged by :iconarjayeff:!

What I have to Answer:

1. Japan or Italy, which would you go to?

Tough call, but would have to say Italy.  I've been to Japan already, but I have a story that takes place in South Tyrol and desperately would love to have the research for it done personally.

2. What's your favorite pastime?

ARRRRRT.  Writing/comics/drawing/collage/whatever it is Sneak is into at the moment.

3. Do you watch TV? If so, what's your favorite TV show?

Not really.  I watched Princess Jellyfish with our roommate and really liked it, though!  It's a cute, comforting little anime about a bunch of otaku women trying to overcome their own social anxieties and have their hobbies not entirely consume their lives.  Also cross-dressing.

4. What is 5 x 2 + 7 x 14?

108.  And Sneak had to answer this one; my mental arithmetic is awful.

5. Who would you date, marry, kiss? Bruce Waye, or Oliver Queen, or Adrian Veidt.

Bruce Wayne is a jerk, ditto Oliver Queen, and Adrian Veidt destroyed the world with a giant squid.  NO THANK YOU.  My husband is nicer.

6. Who's your favorite singer/band?

Errrummmmuh.  I guess I've been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen lately?  Not really that into music.

7. Can you recommend me a good book? And what would that book be? An 
    author's name would be nice.

Grease Monkey, by Tim Eldred.  It's an all-ages comic book about gorillas in space that really is for all ages.  It is smart, savvy, doesn't talk down to its audience, and hey, GORILLAS IN SPACE!

8. In your opinion should I learn Spanish, French, or German next year?

Spanish, sure.  It's what I want to know better.

9. Will you be joining me on my 2014 Challenge?

Don't know what that is, and high unlikely.  I've got writeathons and conventions to do.

How has your day been, deary?

Quiet, which after the beating I broke up yesterday is JUST HOW I LIKE IT.
I moved to this DA from my old baaingtree account with the intent of being a Real True and Professional Artist.  No more personal nonsense and fun times!  This was for Serious Business only.

...aaaand pretty much it just meant I never uploaded anything ever.  Which is boring, and also is pretty much shooting myself in the foot, since part of how I make my money is by being memorable.  Chalk that one up to experience.

So what have we been doing lately?

Well, a lot.  Many of you probably know this from following us elsewhere online or reading Cracks of Sunshine, but basically, the past couple years have been an exciting adventure of homelessness, destitution, and mental illness!  It was... exciting.  And adventurous.  And god willing and the creek don't rise, we will never have to experience it again.  I have had enough excitement and adventure for the next decade, easy.

After much fighting and gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair, we're legally disabled.  And you know what, I'm glad, because it means we won't be homeless or living in a closet anymore. (You think I'm joking?  I am not joking.) However, due to the vagaries of the disability system (don't get me started, we'll be here all day), we can't really afford to live in Massachusetts anymore.  So we are moving to the far-off, magical land of Ohio!  If you're in the Boston area and want to meet up with us, NOW IS THE TIME.  Come the new year, we'll be bolting for greener (and cheaper) pastures!

I'm going to try uploading more art and writing here.  Because believe me, I'm producing, it's just not getting posted here.  And it should.  I've been on DA for... jeez, ten years next week.  And I want to stay here.  I'm making money now--not enough to live on, yet, but I have hopes, especially once I move somewhere cheaper.

I guess that'll be it for now.  Stay tuned, readers!

Well, sort of.  One of our fans made a page for our writing!  If you're curious about our writeathons, go ahead and follow us; we'll be putting up notices of upcoming writeathons, along with linking to stories.

I'm catching up with the kids now!
I'm hosting a writeathon on our blog.  The theme is Home!

The concept of home is near and dear to our hearts.  It's where the heart is, where we hang our hats, where everybody knows our name.  Be it people gushing over drinks about their various homelands, or a street rat trying to scrape together shelter, home plays a huge part in our lives, and this writeathon is here to celebrate it!

Let's get started!

If you'd like to participate, please leave a comment on our LJ; I'd like to keep all the prompts in the same place.

Hi everyone!  We will be in Portland, Maine at the Maine Comics Art Festival on May 18th.  If you're in town, give us a wave and a holler!  Hope to see you there.
Xenothon has closed!  Here is the full list of the Xenothon, writing and bonus art, for your convenience.

Queen Mab's Castle: Time are hard for the Fair Folk, and they've turned Tir Na Nog into a tourist resort for bored, wealthy humans.  Maeve is a harried tour guide, until one day, someone pushes her too far...
The Tree That Wasn't: A story of an entity trying very hard to pretend it's a tree, and what happens when it's eventually found out by a woman living nearby.
A Cat's Eye View: Cats protect their human patrons from the spirit realm in exchange for room and board.  Blacksockswhite does her job well, but then she gets competition. Bonus sketch!
Fairy Tales: Sarah knows her fairy tales, and she knows that princesses are good and weak, while queens are evil and strong. She'd rather be a queen, and she'll do whatever it takes to get it--how convenient that a Goblin King shows up... Bonus sketch!
Zap!: Raige's girlfriend is asexual, but that doesn't mean he can't do something fun for her.
Borderlanders: Real men and real women divide themselves down the Mississippi River. Which leads to the obvious question: what happens to everyone else?
The Best Birthday Ever: Daniel loves that his birthday is April Fool's Day.  Unfortunately, now he has to share it with the twins, and he doesn't care for the feeling. Bonus sketch!

Thank you for a wonderful writeathon, everyone!  My next writeathon will either be late in May or early in June, and the theme will be 'wealth'!  Hope to see you there!
I generally do not post my writing to DA, but I am hosting a writeathon over here! Give me prompts to write to!  The theme this go is the Other!

Since time immemorial, humanity has been fascinated by the Other, be they fairies, aliens, or just people from walks of life different from their own. This writeathon is in celebration of those encounters, from hapless tourists in fairyland, to planetary civilizations clashing, to individuals attempting to overcome language and culture barriers for a one-night stand.

You don't need an LJ to leave a prompt; just post anon and leave a way for me to contact you.  Please ONLY leave prompts at LJ, so I have them all in one place!

Let's make this thing happen, y'all!

You might've been asking yourselves, "Dude, LB, where'd y'all go?  Where's the art?" Fear not, watchers, we have not been sitting upon our fundament and twiddling our thumbs.  No, we have been making... A WEBCOMIC! And now it is LIVE!

It's called Cracks of Sunshine.  Though still very early in the archive (we have over a hundred strips banked up), it will be  a happy healthy comic about sad sick things, primarily mental health.  Right now, it's updating every day, rain or shine!

Though, uh, massive trigger warning, because it discusses suicide, eating disorders, rape, andů yeah, other stuff. (And multi, of course.) BUT IT'S MOSTLY HAPPY I PROMISE.
So, Sandy hit yesterday.  Thankfully, we just caught the rim of it, so we're all fine and safe--we didn't even lose power.  Which is just as well, since Rogan blew out our knee last week, so we're only just now getting more mobile.

Anyway, probably a big art dump coming up; due to scanner, tablet, and Internet being scattered across two comps, we're getting behind on uploads.  Sorry folks!
At the last minute, we squeaked into a table at the Paint and Pixel Fest at Northampton, MA!  We'll be there on Saturday, October 20th, from 10 AM to 6 PM at the Northampton Center for the Arts.  Come say hi!

If you'd like to know more about Paint and Pixel, check out its website:

We'll have a swanky new print for this one!  Wish us luck!
Our Comics and Health panel is done, and it was awesome.  We paneled with Rampaige Warren (who does Busty Girl Comics) and Kriota Willberg (who does massage therapy and comics about phagocytes and other such things), both of whom were perfectly lovely people, and the panel was moderated by the awesome Cathy Leamy, who most recently did a comic about diabetes and erectile dysfunction called Diabetes is After Your Dick.  We had a great time, were out as multiple there, and discussed the issues of representation of mental illness and difference in society and how comics can be a grassroots form of education and activism.  People asked serious questions and seemed involved, and we finished right on time.  A++, would panel again!

We sold even better than we did last year, which is awesome.  A dollar earned is a dollar saved.  We got to see all the old people we hadn't seen in a while, and meet new ones, talk shop and such.  It was fantastic!

...and then we succumbed to the virus we'd been nursing for a week.  I've had to take it easy since, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.


:iconcommissionsopen: :iconnorequests:
Hello, DA!  Once again, we are going to be tabling at the Massachusetts Indy Comics Expo.

It's at...

University Hall
Lesley University
(Porter Square)
1815 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

September 29th!  All day!  AND we're going to be talking on a panel on comics and health.

You should come and you should say hi!  Even if you can't come, you should tell your friends to come.  Because it will be AWESOME.  This will be our third year with MICE, and every year has been a blast.

Hope to see you there! :D

--Rogan and Sneak

Here is a list of all the comics and zines we have! (Prices don't include postage)

MPD for You and Me ($5)
Questions ($6)
FTMPD ($2)
Dissociation ($2)
The Greatest American Novel of All Time ($2)
Gender Evolution ($.50)
Feeling Worthless? ($.50)
The Bad Day Book ($.50)
Edward Cullen Adventures (not for sale)

Are You Open for Commission?
Yes!  Prices are negotiated individually, but start from roughly $10.  Just drop us a line.

Are You Open for Art Trades?
Not at this time.